This Amtrak information booth is no longer in Penn Station

As fans of Untapped Cities know (especially those that have taken our ever-popular Remnants of Penn Station tour), we revel in discovering parts of the original 1910 train station that still exist inside and around the current station. But, nostalgia can be irrespective of decade – as we saw when the Amtrak departure board installed in 2000 was removed in early 2017. On Sunday, the information kiosk in the main Amtrak hall was dismantled, part of a series of upgrades Amtrak is undertaking at Penn Station while Moynihan Station — the future primary Amtrak hub opening in early 2021 — is under construction next door in the post office building.

Here are eight remnants of the current Penn Station you may (or may not) miss when they are removed in the coming months:

1. Amtrak Information Kiosk

The Amtrak information kiosk, located in the central hall, had an Art Deco feel and was in use until last week. With its removal, access will also be open from the main hall into the waiting rooms for Amtrak and New Jersey Transit for the first time in perhaps decades. According to Janet Campbell-Lorenc, Infrastructure Development Executive with Amtrak in charge of the Northeast Corridor who took us on a tour last week, the sliding door entrance into the waiting rooms (below) has never been open as long as she has been with Amtrak – nearly six years.

Join us on our upcoming tour of the Remnants of Penn Station, where you will discover what still remains of the original 1910 station and learn about the changes coming to current Penn Station!