Join gallery artist Matt Mignanelli as he discusses his latest work, Between Nature & Structure in an engaging talk moderated by Untapped New York’s artist-in-residence Aaron Asis. Mignanelli’s exhibition of six new paintings is currently on view in the entryway of Five Bryant Park in Manhattan. The installation bridges the natural world of Bryant Park, a lush, green oasis in the heart of Manhattan to the stark architecture of Midtown. “My work examines the light, space, shadow, and architectural elements throughout the urban landscape, so this project has been very exciting bridging those worlds together right in Midtown,” Mignanelli told Untapped New York.

Massive paintings by Matt MIgnanelli at Five Bryant Park
Matt Mignanelli creates paintings based on geometric forms and gradated fields, inspired by light, shadow, and architectural elements present in the urban landscape and vistas from the natural world. His process combines incredibly detailed, methodical hand-painting with references to utilitarian painting applications in municipal and industrial contexts, with abutting fields of aqueous and luminescent color.

Equally important to Mignanelli’s practice is an examination of the potential and power of the monochrome. In particular, his work embraces a deep saturation of the color blue. While at first glance, his paintings may appear transporting, with stacks of brick-like forms set against the intense color of enamel and house paint, further inspection reveals a thoughtful engagement with light and shadow, depth and density, and spatial perception. Through his use of enamel and the color blue which appears on mailboxes, these functional uses of paint within the urban environment are continually referenced. Freely exploring permutations of form and recording the element of chance associated with his freehand process in splashes and drips of paint, which organically accumulate on the painting’s surface throughout the completion of each work, brings forth a sense of freedom. The spontaneity that emerges makes the paintings feel alive.

Matt Mignanelli's studio
Matt Mignanelli received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence, Rhode Island. Mignanelli’s recent solo exhibitions include Nocturnes at Denny Dimin Gallery in New York (2018), Power Dynamics at Dubner Moderne in Lausanne, Switzerland (2018), as well as an ongoing public project of site-specific paintings realized throughout the ground floor of 5 Bryant Park(on view through December 2021). His work has also been featured in a wide range of group exhibitions including at SCAD Museum (Savannah), The Hole (New York), Anonymous Gallery (Mexico City), Hollis Taggart (New York), LUCE Gallery (Turin), and Richard Heller Gallery (Los Angeles), among others. Mignanelli’s work has been featured in Interview Magazine, VICE Creators Project, San Francisco Arts Quarterly (SFAQ), and ARTnews.

Mignanelli lives and works in New York City and is represented by Denny Dimin Gallery. All are welcome to view his new works at Five Bryant Park for free, through the end of the year. In a special virtual talk with Untapped New York’s Artist-in-Residence Aaron Asis, Mignanelli will discuss this new installation, as well as his previous work.

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