3. The Underbelly Project, South 4th Street

Vic Invades

In 2009, street artists PAC and Workhorse invited 103 street artists to create original works of art inside the abandoned 6-track station underneath Williamsburg at South 4th Street. The station was built as part of the IND line, but it was never opened. Over the course of the year, each artist was given one night to complete their work. Renowned street artists from around the world were involved with this project, at great risk. Street artist Banksy was invited, but sadly had to turn down the offer work on his own film.

The Underbelly Project was never meant for an audience. Due to its inaccessible location, the project was create by the artists and for the artists, not for curators or gallerists, or collectors. The incredible works of art were documented by urban explorer @vic.invades and have since been closed off.