13. Geometric Properties at ARTECHOUSE

Geometric Properties at ARTECHOUSE

Geometric Properties by Dutch visual and fractal artist Julius Horsthuis is the latest immersive experience to debut at ARTECHOUSE, an innovative digital art space in the former boiler room of Chelsea Market. The stunning multi-sensory show takes visitors on a “mind-bending journey through the infinite geometric patterns of fractal worlds.” The experience merges Horsthuis’ “beautiful immersive worlds of endless patterns” with the state-of-the-art technology available at ARTECHOUSE. 

Original soundtracks by Michael Stearns and David Levy accompany Horthuis’ enveloping images. Outside of the central exhibition space, original work from ARTECHOUSE’s creative team with Fractal Lab by Simon Alexander Adams and Corrugated Origami pieces will be on display. These works further explore the principles of fractals. Geometric Properties is open to all ages and will be on view from March 1st to September 6th, 2021.