8. Midnight Moment in Times Square

Video still of Wacissa by Allison Janae Hamilton.
Wacissa by Allison Janae Hamilton. Video still courtesy of the artist and Marianne Boesky Gallery.

Every month a new video installation takes over the screens of Times Square at midnight for Midnight Moment, the world’s longest-running digital art exhibition. This month brings Wacissa (2019), by artist Allison Janea Hamilton. In her video installation, Hamilton transports viewers through a series of rivers in her home region of North Florida.

The rivers she navigates are all linked through the area’s Slave Canal, so-called as it was built via slave labor in the 1850s to aid the transport of cotton through the Florida panhandle. Filming from her kayak, Hamilton placed the camera into the water, plunging viewers directly into the river.