Ittadi Garden & Grill

Ittadi Garden & Grill serves Indian fare in a storied venue in Jackson Heights.
Ittadi Garden & Grill serves Indian fare in a storied venue.

John Eberson, an acclaimed theater architect, constructed the Earle Theater in the 1930s. This Art Deco cinema showed legitimate films like The Lives of a Bengal Lancer for decades but transitioned to show adult films in the 1970s. As the theater became the Eagle Theater that showed Bollywood films, the Indian community in Jackson Heights increased. A South Asian food court took over the space after the theater closed due to an Indian actors’ strike.

To this day, Ittadi Garden & Grill serves specialties such as samosas and momos in this Art Deco building. Located in Diversity Plaza, Ittadi Garden & Grill shows the full transition Jackson Heights has made from a quiet neighborhood of gardens and Art Deco decor to one of cultural collaboration and celebration. Affordable prices and a frequently shifting menu leave few excuses not to try everything that suits your fancy.