Arepa Lady

Arepa Lady is a Colombian joint in Jackson Heights.
Do not forget to try the sauces at Arepa Lady.

Arepas, flat pancakes made of ground kernels of maize meal, are a specialty of Colombia and Venezuela. These maize patties can be served either as a sandwich or as bread to be dipped in a sauce. At Arepa Lady, a Colombian restaurant across the street from P.S. 69, arepas are sold in four varieties: choclo, queso, rellena, and tela. Whereas arepas de tela are gluten-free, arepas de choclo are made with sweet corn, arepas de queso are made with cheese, and arepas de rellena are stuffed arepas that originated in Venezuela.

The arepas are so large they can often be shared between two diners. Small plates include mini empanadas and charred street corn. In addition to arepas, Arepa Lady serves an array of patacones — fried plantains that can be topped with chicharron, chorizo, and carne asada. The sauces — creamy and pastel-colored — provide extra flavor to already delicious dishes.

77-17 37th Ave Jackson Heights, NY 11372