Amdo Kitchen and Potala Fresh Momo for Momos

Momo can be found in various food trucks throughout Jackson Heights.
Jackson Heights visitors can find momos at a number of food trucks.

Momos originated in the Katmandu Valley in Nepal where the Newari people still live today. The Newari people typically steamed these dumplings and filled them with yak meat. However, in the United States, momos are typically filled with beef or vegetables. Whereas some restaurants serve momos in a round shape, others choose to serve their creations as a crescent.

In Jackson Heights, multiple food trucks, along with about a dozen restaurants, sell this Nepalese specialty. Amdo Kitchen, a food truck run by Thubten Amchok, sells momos by the fives for $8. Amchok is a former monk who has been selling momos for nine years. He fills his momos with ground beef, scallions, salt, and soy sauce surrounded by sheer skin. Potala Fresh Momo, another food truck in Jackson Heights, sells momos with a thicker skin than those of Amdo Kitchen. Customers can dip beef, vegetable, or chicken momos in a chili sauce dominated by red chili.

Amdo Kitchen: 37-57 74th St Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Potala Fresh Momo: Broadway & 37th Rd Jackson Heights, NY 11372