Laliguras sits off of bustling Roosevelt Avenue.

When in Jackson Heights and craving thali — a large meal served on a platter comprised of protein or vegetables, rice, and other sides — one should beeline towards Laliguras. A short walk from the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue subway station, this Nepalese and Tibetan eatery is under the radar despite quality dishes and affordable prices.

If you can only try one thing on the menu, feast on the goat thali. At Laliguras, the thali sides consist of lentil soup, a varying pickled vegetable dish, chutney, and dal, or dried pulses. Waiters refill rice and side dishes for no additional charge, making the meal a bargain. For those who have more room in their stomachs, the beef momo, tingmo, and thenthuk are must-tries.

3763 76th St Jackson Heights, NY 11372