Mustang Thakali Kitchen

Mustang Thakali Kitchen serves Nepalese and Tibetan food in Jackson Heights.
Mustang Thakali Kitchen represents the cuisine of a small ethnic enclave in Jackson Heights.

Mustang Thakali Kitchen honors flavors of the Mustang region in Nepal that, according to CNN, was isolated from the world until 1991 when limited travelers were allowed within the region. What exists within this dry mountainous region today is a preserved Tibetan Buddhist culture and many natives traveling on horseback. Some young members of society leave the region because few Mustang natives live past 60 and most live in poverty. Granted this history of isolation, however, the Mustang community is small both outside of the Mustang region and within Jackson Heights.

Tibetan culture dominates the Mustang region despite the country it resides in. As a result, Mustang Thakali Kitchen is committed to serving dishes traditionally found in both Tibet and Nepal. Here is yet another spot to enjoy traditional momos — a specialty of both Tibet and Nepal. However, other specialties include chicken thenduk, a Tibetan hand-pulled noodle soup, and sukuti beef, a dish of dried beef, sautéed onions, and Nepali spices.

74-14 37th Ave Jackson Heights, NY 11372