Al Naimat Sweets and Restaurant

Al Naimat serves India specialties and sweets in Jackson Heights.
Indian specialties and sweets at Al Naimat leave customers happy and full.

Al Naimat Sweets and Restaurant sits in the heart of Little India within Jackson Heights. Serving Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi fare, this restaurant specializes in cuisines from the Indian subcontinent. Most food is served buffet style managed by Al Naimat staff, although diners can also order food to the table. Dishes include vegetable pakora and various kababs. Al Naimat’s menu contains an extensive goat section including goat curry, and goat korma, which they cook in a creamy gravy.

An assortment of sweets is what brings this restaurant to the top. Gulab Jamun, a dish of deep-fried dough balls soaked in a sweet syrup, makes customers crave more. However, many still make room for other sweets including Kulfi Falooda, a sweet drink containing vermicelli, condensed milk, and rose syrup. It is “your home in Jackson Heights,” according to a sign on the dining room wall.

3703 74th St Jackson Heights, NY 11372