4. Midnight Moment at Times Square

Patrón Mono: Ríos Libres, Pueblos Vivos by Carolina Caycedo. Courtesy of Cultural Counsel.

Through the month of September, Times Square Arts presents the next edition of its Midnight Moment series titled Patrón Mono: Ríos Libres, Pueblos Vivos. Artist Carolina Caycedo co-created the film as part of her ‘Water Portraits’ series — a collection of work designed to change our relationship with water. In three minutes, Patrón Mono: Ríos Libres, Pueblos Vivos depicts the lower Cauca River canyon located in Antioquia, Columbia. The river is referred to as “Patrón Mono” by the region’s muleteers, fisherman, and artisanal miners because of its yellow color and the gold found within its waters

Utilizing remixed images of rivers and waterfalls ‘Water Portraits’ reimagines bodies of water into living beings. In repositioning waterways as social agents within conventional environmental conflicts, Caycedo invites her viewers to take an active role in decolonizing natural landscapes and reevaluating their relationship with them. Patrón Mono: Ríos Libres, Pueblos Vivos is co-presented by The Armory Show with Institutio de Vísion, which will take place on 9/11 at the Javits Center. The film will be screened nightly from 11:57 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. until September 30, 2022.