Sitting on the border of Soho and Tribeca in Lower Manhattan exists a place between worlds where the overstimulation and chaos of New York City life can be left behind. INTER_ is a multi-sensory art exhibition that combines the ancient wisdom of meditation with modern-day technology. Visitors are encouraged to expand their minds and embarks on a journey of self-discovery while traveling through the glowing installations.

INTER_ Art Exhibit Soho - Influence piece
Photo by Taylor McIntyre

The immersive experience utilizes two floors to create ample spaces for visitors to hear, feel, move with, and see the art and sounds interwoven into the space.

INTER_ Art Exhibit Soho - Inclined piece
Photo by Taylor McIntyre

Upon entering INTER_, visitors are presented with glasses that enhance the experience as they wander through the vibrantly-lit hallways. Viewers are also prompted with a welcome video that prepares guests to enter the gallery with an open and curious mind.

INTER_ Art Exhibit Soho - Invigorate piece
Photo by Taylor McIntyre

While some of the art pieces are there to be observed and appreciated from afar for their blossoming colors and mesmerizing lights, others are there for physical interaction.

Inside a closed-in globe, visitors can play with digitally-projected fire, earth, water, and air using their own movements to bring the art to life. They can also spin manifestations into existence through crystal balls. Waving arms, pressing buttons, and exploring boundaries through movement are all welcomed within these walls.

INTER_ Art Exhibit Soho - Immersion piece
Photo by Taylor McIntyre

INTER_ also has an area for meditation where visitors may sit or stand and feel the meticulously designed vibrations created to soothe and restore peace in the mind and body. Those who wish may also answer the many philosophical prompts provided along the walls and write down their worries, leaving them behind in the gallery.

INTER_ Art Exhibit Soho - Interval piece
Photo by Taylor McIntyre

Located at 415 Broadway, INTER_ is open six days a week (excluding Tuesdays), with prices ranging from roughly $20 to $30 for children, and $30 to $40 for adults depending on the day of the week and time of day. More information regarding ticket prices and availability can be found on the INTER_IAM website.

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