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Where to Eat and Shop in Porto, Portugal

Split into two by the Douro River, the Portuguese city of Porto is probably best known for its wine. One of the oldest cities in Europe, Porto is a maze of narrow cobbled streets, beautiful plazas, tiled facades, and baroque churches. While most travelers hail to the Portuguese capital Lisbon, the country’s second largest …


ZhangJiaJie National Forest: The Avatar Mountains in China’s Hunan Province

ZhangJiaJie National Forest Park in China’s Hunan Province has become internationally renown since the release of the 2009 movie Avatar. The movie was filmed in these mountains, more specifically, the Hallelujah Mountain (of Avatar) was filmed there and the movie’s editing team simply added the mountains in post-production to make them look like they are floating …

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Toronto Underground Market (PHOTOS)

On the north and east ends of the city – away from upscale restaurants and swanky bars of the financial and entertainment district – is where you find the real gastronomic gems of Toronto. Locals know that outside of the downtown core is where real ethnic cuisine is crafted and enjoyed. The annual Toronto Underground Market brings together …

Arts & Culture / Prague

Prague – Like a Picturesque Dream

After having such an amazing time in Budapest, Vienna, and my impromptu detour to Bratislava, I was ready for Prague – the last stop on my Central Europe trip. And after hearing raging reviews from friends about the Czech capital, the city had big shoes to fill.

Prague wowed me with its stunning architecture and natural …

Arts & Culture / Budapest

Budapest And Its People

Of all the places I’ve traveled to in Europe, Hungary has left the biggest impression on me. I could use this post to tell you about the grand St. Stephen’s basilica in Budapest, the enchanting Chain Bridge, the relaxing baths, but you can find all that on any tourist website.

Instead, I want to tell you …