Alexander Hamilton-Aaron Burr-Duel-Pistols-JP Morgan Chase Bank-270 Park Avenue-NYC-2The dueling pistols used by Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, located in JP Morgan Chase headquarters 277 Park Avenue, New York City. Photo via Aaron Burr Association

Alexander Hamilton has become so trendy, he’s made it to the Grammy’s, as demonstrated in last night’s performance of the Broadway musical’s opening song “Alexander Hamilton” (see video below). The climactic moment of this song, when Aaron Burr sings “And me? I’m the damn fool that shot him,” as Hamilton’s story is irrevocably connected to his death in a duel with Burr. 

Most people know that Hamilton is buried in the Trinity Church graveyard, that the duel took place on the coast of Weehawken, New Jersey, and that he was taken to the home of William Bayard who lived on present day 82 Jane Street in Greenwich Village. He died in front of a fireplace that is now in the Gracie Mansion ballroom. But did you know that the dueling pistols are located in the headquarters of J.P. Morgan Chase, on 270 Park Avenue?

The Wogdon duelling pistols were the property of Hamilton’s brother in law, John Barker Church, who was a business associate of both men. The pistols, commissioned by Church in London, figure prominently in several duels – one between Church and Burr in 1799 in which neither man was injured, and one involving Hamilton’s son Phillip who died in an 1801 duel. They were almost used in a duel that would have taken place between James Monroe and Hamilton, in which Munroe shouts to Church, “I am ready, get your pistols!” but later Burr himself intervenes describing the two men as “childish.”

After the infamous Hamilton-Burr duel, the pistols get used in the Civil War, and then in 1930 are purchased by Chase Bank, now JP Morgan Chase Bank, the descendent of Burr’s company, the Manhattan Company, founded as a water service delivery company with exclusive rights to serve New York City.

Two photographs available online show different layouts of the exhibit, which is located on an upper floor of the building:

Alexander Hamilton-Aaron Burr-Duel-Pistols-JP Morgan Chase Bank-270 Park Avenue-NYCWriter John Mauldin, posing in front of the pistols in November 2014. Photo via Mauldin’s Twitter.

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