Tour the Algonquin Hotel

Photos by Eric Laignel

Tour one of the oldest operating hotels in New York City, the Algonquin Hotel, and hear about its rich history and updated design with Sara Duffy, Principal of Stonehill Taylor.

  • Visit the redesigned the hotel’s famed Blue Bar and Oak Room, the latter of which was the setting for what became known as “The Round Table.”
  • Hear about The Algonquin’s new interior design that references the sophistication of the roaring 20’s period in New York City
  • See the cat shelter – perched atop the reception desk that houses The Algonquin’s famed resident cat, currently named “Hamlet VIII.”
  • Discover richly textured furniture, velvet drapery, theatrical lighting, and optical illusions in art pieces throughout the hotel
  • Visit the Blue Bar – named for its blue-hued lighting that allowed the visiting actors’ faces to look their
    best in the post-Prohibition era.

About the event:

Sara Duffy, Principal of Stonehill Taylor, will take Untapped New York Insiders through the Algonquin’s iconic revamp of the lobby, the Oak Room, Blue Bar and the Round Table spaces.

The tour will include public spaces only and will not include a tour of a hotel room.

Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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