Secrets of The Bowery

Photos by Untapped New York

Explore one of the most architecturally and historically diverse streets in New York City, comprising buildings from nearly every decade between 1800 and 1940, The Bowery!

  • Learn about the famous Bull’s Head Tavern on Canal Street and the Bowery

  • Visit the spot where P.T. Barnum opened his first store in 1839

  • Stop at the site of the Bowery Mission which still operates

  • Pass by the old Amato Opera house

  • Learn about flophouses

  • See the sites of many theaters that once were on the Bowery

About the event:

Lower East Side residents, along with folks from all over the city, would flock to the Bowery to hear song buskers like Irving Berlin, see moving pictures, open a bank account, or get a bowl of soup when falling on hard times.

Home to theaters, grand bank buildings, education centers, and flophouses, the historic 1.5-mile Bowery had it all. Originally part of the Mohican or Wickquasgeck Trail, which connected Algonquin territory spanning all the way to Montreal, the Dutch settled their New Amsterdam bouweries, or farms, all along the trail, further cementing the land as a major thoroughfare.

The Bowery was officially given its name in 1813, and earned a reputation as a place for wild fun and an anything-goes attitude. Visit numerous sites including the grand Cooper Union building, the former sites of Amato Opera House, music venue CBGB, and much more.

Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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