Bronx Movie Theaters

Forgotten Movie Theaters of the Bronx

Discover the lost movie theaters and movie palaces of the Bronx!

  • Learn about The Metropolis, The Bronx’s first theater, from 1897, which originally hosted vaudeville and other live performances
  • Discover The Bronx Opera House, co-founded by George M. Cohan (of Yankee Doodle Dandy fame) in 1913 and designed by the same architect responsible for Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theatre
  • Uncover the history of the Boulevard Theatre, which was associated with big names like noted theater architect Thomas W. Lamb (United Palace), theater magnate Marcus Loew, and Irving Berlin who “sang a number of his latest hits” on opening night
  • Find out more about the Wakefield Theatre, where a young woman in her early 20s served as manager during World War II and also received a commendation from the police for catching a car thief outside the theater.
  • Explore the Loew’s Paradise, one of the five legendary Loews Wonder Theatres, the zenith of the atmospheric movie palaces, now a designated NYC Landmark and Interior Landmark, in which “the whole composition is designed to create an illusion of being seated in an Italian garden”; now a church.

About this Webinar:

The Bronx was home to over a hundred movie theaters in the years before World War II and many of the old buildings remain, hiding in plain sight as churches, stores, offices, and even a daycare center. Join Untapped contributing writer and Insider Jeff Reuben for an in-depth look 14 notable theaters from the borough’s past that, in altered forms, continue to form part of the urban landscape.

About Your Guide:

Jeff Reuben is a city planner in New York and has been a contributing writer to Untapped since 2015.

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Ready to join this webinar?
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