Untapped Central Park Walking Tour

Learn a secret about Central Park that’s so secret you can only experience it in person on this special walking tour led by Untapped New York tour Guide Heather Shimmin!

  • Discover a stealthy trick found all over the park to help you locate yourself on the Manhattan street grid
  • Walk through an often-overlooked cathedral of trees in the heart of the park
  • See the first public art commission given to a woman in New York City
  • Learn about a secret ice skating rink for ladies only
  • Stand in the location where more people have been proposed to than anywhere else in the city
  • Sit in the aptly named Whispering Bench and give it a try

About the event:

Be the first to experience Untapped New York’s brand new walking tour of Central Park! Discover the secrets of this urban oasis and get away from the busy city in one of New York’s most popular attractions. Go off the beaten path and discover a secret ice skating rink for ladies only, take in (but don’t eat) the strawberries in Strawberry Fields, and learn about the only subject who was present for the dedication of his statue in the park (because the park rules state that you must be dead to get a statue in the park!). Learn how the Dairy was built in order to protect children from poisonous milk supplies and discover one of New York’s best kept historical secrets behind the Dairy itself. And, of course, learn how New York’s inferiority complex with the world’s greatest cities spurred the construction of this iconic park, and, unlike its rivals, was not a royal park but a place built for everyone to enjoy.

Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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