Founder-Led Tour of NYC’s Climate Museum

Founder-Led Tour of NYC's Climate Museum

Photos by  Sari Goodfriend, Courtesy of the Climate Museum

Explore the very first museum in the country dedicated to climate change – right here in Soho – with Climate Museum founder and director, Miranda Massie!

  • Examine a 45-foot mural by R. Gregory Christie that envisions a transition to climate justice
  • Engage with interactive maps of NYC, the US, and the world that visualize the connections between
    climate and social inequality
  • Take a deep dive into hard-truth subjects like the origins of the fossil fuel industry and its reliance on racially defined sacrifice zones and deception
  • Learn about inspiring subjects like the remarkable history of the environmental and climate justice movement and the supermajority for climate justice in the US
  • Leave your mark on a sticker wall where visitors can commit to specific climate actions together

About the event:

Climate Museum founder and director Miranda Massie will lead a tour of the Museum’s current Soho exhibition, which explores how the fossil fuel industry, whose product is causing the climate crisis, manages to keep making a killing off of killing us—and what we can do about it. The show examines how the industry has exploited racist inequities and deceived the public to preserve its own power and profit off destruction. It is a story that encompasses the hard truths we must confront to arrive at a vibrant, earned belief in the better future we can make together. The show presents a blend of climate art, learning, and action opportunities.

About Miranda Massie:

Miranda Massie is the founder and director of New York City’s Climate Museum, the first climate-dedicated museum in the US. The Museum mobilizes the power of arts and cultural programming to invite visitors into climate engagement and to transform our public culture for action at scale. Massie is active within several coalitions focused on climate-oriented work within the cultural sector, serves on numerous international design juries, and speaks frequently on the need to integrate programming on climate across the cultural sector. She is a Public Voices Fellow with the OpEd Project and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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