Evacuation Day Livestream: November's Forgotten Holiday

Explore Manhattan sites connect to the history of Evacuation Day with Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers!

  • Learn about a New York holiday that used to be bigger than Independence Day
  • Hear the first hand account of the little-known last battle of the Revolution
  • Find a hidden mural of Washington marching down Broadway on Evacuation Day
  • Visit the only Colonial remnants in lower Manhattan
  • Virtually walk the route Washington took into New York City on November 25, 1783 the day NYC became an American

About the event:

Evacuation was a big holiday with an unfortunate name that no one remembers. At one point it was bigger and more widely celebrated than the Fourth of July. It fell on November 25, 1783 and at noon that day all the British troops evacuated a long beleaguered New York City and turned it over to General Washington himself. Join Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers on a livestream that walks the exact path General Washington took to reclaim the city that day. While watching, you will discover one of NYC’s most famous stories about rising the American flag in NYC for the first time and many others lost to time. Find out how Thanksgiving came to overshadow this very old New York City holiday.

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