NYC’s Floating Hospital Photo Archive Talk

NYC's Floating Hospital Photo Archive Talk

Go on a deep dive into the photo archive of The Floating Hospital (TFH)!

  • Examine photos and video clips from TFH’s vast historical archive
  • Travel back to post-Civil War NYC and learn about the founding of TFH in the mid 1800s
  • See how TFH offered healthcare to all, serving those in need irrespective of race, origin or beliefs – a revolutionary concept and bold defiance of the status quo in a time of great change
  • Discover how influential figures and organizations, from The New York Times and St. John’s Guild to Teddy Roosevelt and the Juilliard family played a crucial role in shaping TFH
  • Explore how TFH’s innovative holistic approach to healthcare challenges conventional medical practices and offers a new vision of health and healing

About the event:

We’ll embark on a captivating journey back to NYC in the late 1800s, where The Floating Hospital (TFH) began its noble quest. Born from the urgent need to aid the swelling immigrant population in NYC’s tenements, their story is intricately woven into the city’s tapestry. We’ll delve into the heart of their origin, shedding light on the myriad organizations and influential individuals who were instrumental in TFH’s inception and growth. From renowned historical figures to charismatic politicians, TFH’s narrative is as vibrant and diverse as New York City itself.

As we traverse though TFH’s storied past, we bring to life the evolution of the city and he institution through a treasure trove of visual history with selections from a collection of photos and film snippets, some dating back to late 1800s. These visual gems offer a glimpse into the changing landscapes, iconic skylines, waterfronts and the dynamic populations that have shaped both NYC and TFH. It’s more than a history lesson: it’s a visual odyssey that celebrates our enduring legacy in the heart of the city.

Learn more about The Floating Hospital on their website here and support their mission by leaving a donation on this page.

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Ready to join this webinar?
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