Spirits and Stories of Martinique New York: A Hotel Tour After Dusk

Spirits and Stories of Martinique New York: An After Dusk Tour

Photos courtesy of Martinique New York

Hear and experience the eerie tales of Martinique New York on an exclusive tour of Midtown’s historic landmark!

  • Travel up to the 17th floor where you’ll hear the story of a thwarted Nazi spy plot that intended to disrupt train operations, and meet the spirits of guests who have taken “the quick way” down the stairs
  • Learn the story of a daring acrobat who fell from the 9th floor of the hotel while promoting the 1923 silent film “Safety Last,” which you’ll screen!
  • Step into Room 932 where Tara will share her own first-hand account of a spectral encounter
  • Descend into the lower levels of the hotel to meet Sara, the prankster spirit whose mischievous taunts have been caught on security footage
  • Step inside the ballroom and learn about some of the darker misdeeds and mishaps that have occurred on the danceflooor
  • Examine video footage, newspaper clippings, and other artifacts related to the spirits stories told
  • Enjoy a complimentary Halloween themed cocktail/mocktail and a light bite courtesy of The Press Club Grill

About the event:

When a building has been around for as long as Martinique New York (125 years!), it’s bound to acquire some uncanny stories! On this Halloween week tour, join Rooms Division Manager, resident historian, and 20+ year property veteran Tara Williams for a spine chilling tour of the hotel’s spookiest spots!

On this tour, you’ll travel through multiple levels of the hotel to visit areas where mysterious and strange happenings have occurred. Tara will share historic artifacts and newspaper clippings, spirited accounts of guests and staff, video footage, and her own personal stories of the hotel’s otherworldly visitors.

Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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