Architect-Led Tour of the New LIRR Concourse at Penn Station

Architect-Led Tour of Penn Station's New LIRR Concourse

Photos by Lucas Blair Simpson © SOM

Explore the newly renovated, SOM-designed LIRR concourse at Penn Station with architects, Peter Fajak, AIA, Senior Associate Principal and Manuel Schmidt, AIA, Associate Principal!

  • Get an expert insider’s perspective on the concourse’s innovative design
  • Experience the dramatic canopy entrance on Seventh Avenue
  • Explore the design and engineering intricacies that raised the ceiling height and nearly
    doubled the corridor’s width, all while maintaining the station’s daily operations and train
  • Discover decades-old art you may not have known existed carved in the concourse walls
  • Look up and uncover the hidden technologies found in the concourse ceiling.

About the event:

Over the past decade, the hundreds of thousands of people who rush through the concourses at Pennsylvania Station every day have witnessed a dramatic overhaul. For a station long considered one of the darkest and most overcrowded in the world, the renovations the facility has undergone since 2012 have significantly expanded its concourses, opened its underground spaces to the sky, and both widened and heightened existing corridors. From the adaptive reuse of the Farley Building into Moynihan Train Hall, down to the West End Concourse, through a renovated Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) concourse, and out of a new entrance covered by a glass canopy, this tour will spotlight the improvements that are spearing the crowds at the Western Hemisphere’s busiest transit hub.

About Peter Fajak, AIA, Senior Associate Principal:

Peter Fajak is an expert in the design and master planning of transportation projects, from rail hubs to airports. With projects in the United States, India, China, and Singapore, his work spans across the globe, and has transformed the travel experience for millions of people every year.

As a lead designer, some of his most notable work in New York includes Moynihan Train Hall and a dramatic overhaul of Pennsylvania Station, with the creation of the East End Gateway and the renovation of the Long Island Rail Road concourse. Today, he is leading the renovation of Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station, and his portfolio also includes designing Skyplaza Terminal 2 at Hong Kong International Airport and the SkyCity ferry terminal. With commercial, residential, and institutional projects rounding out his portfolio, Peter has a wide breadth of experience that enables him to bring a broad design sensibility to each of his projects.

About Manuel Schmidt, AIA, Associate Principal:

Manuel Schmidt brings a wealth of local and international experience in transit and institutional projects to his work at SOM. As a transportation expert, he collaborates directly with clients, engineers, contractors, and fabricators to realize the vision set forth in each design—ensuring functionality and minimizing operational and environmental impact. Among his most notable
projects is the renovation of New York’s Pennsylvania Station, a dramatic transformation that expanded the Long Island Rail Road concourse, significantly improved wayfinding, and introduced its subterranean spaces to natural light.

Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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