Lost NY: Opera Houses of NYC

Lost NY: Opera Houses of NYC

Photos from the Library of Congress and NYPL

Join Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers for a Valentine’s Day date at the opera as we explore the demolished, abandoned, and repurposed opera houses of the past!

  • Uncover the story of New York’s first makeshift opera house that also served as a military fort and a beer garden

  • Explore the Academy of Music, the old-money birthplace of New York’s elite social calendar, and its rival – the new-money Metropolitan Opera

  • Experience the Astor Place Opera House riots, often and ever after called the DisAstor Place Opera House Riots

  • Discover a lost opera house in Harlem

  • Learn how, through a simple email, Untapped New York helped identify the architectural drawings of the old 39th Street Metropolitan Opera House

About the event:

The second season of HBO’s The Gilded Age shows the 19th Century new rich building their own grand opera house to compete with the old money’s far inferior downtown location. Could that be true? Could it also be true that the Gilded Age barons of New York built an opera house designed more to look at each other in the box seats than to watch the operas themselves?! The answer is yes. But, of course, there’s more to it.

New York City has a long history with bygone opera houses, from its first make-shift performance center down at The Battery, up to an opera house that saw one of New York’s worst class riots, and a super opera house complex that was never built. The opera has had many homes in New York City and most are lost to time. So bring your opera glasses while Untapped New York’s Chief Experience Officer, Justin Rivers, polishes off his finest tenor to survey the lost opera houses of New York from the box seats of history!

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Ready to join this webinar?
Ready to join this webinar?
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