Lit Salon: “Mildred’s Mindset” Book Launch

The Lit Salon: "Mildred's Mindset" Book Launch

Stream The Lit Salon, an intimate literary salon set to candlelight inside Maison Brooklyn, the townhouse of author and journalist Michelle Young, the founder of Untapped New York! 

  • Hear from the co-authors, Brooklyn-born centenarian Mildred Kirschenbaum and her daughter Gayle, an Emmy award-winning filmmaker, producer, writer, speaker, photographer, and forgiveness coach
  • Submit questions for the Q&A portion of the event

About the event:

On March 6, The Lit Salon will feature Mildred and Gayle Kirschenbaum, authors of the new book Mildred’s Mindset: Wisdom from a Woman CentenarianMildred is a 100-year-old influencer, sharing her simple yet profound tips for a fulfilling life. Mildred’s positive attitude and love for socializing have endeared her to many, and her approach to life reflects her belief in enjoying every day. Her daughter, Gayle Kirschenbaum, an Emmy award-winning filmmaker, TV producer, writer, speaker, photographer, and forgiveness coach, has been instrumental in sharing her mother’s wisdom with the world. Mildred’s Mindset: Wisdom from a Woman Centenarian features 20 tips on longevity and living life to the fullest. The book came about because her hundreds thousands fans on social media have been asking for it.

The Lit Salon is an intimate literary salon set to candlelight inside Maison Brooklyn, a lovingly restored, historic 1890s townhouse. Guests will be asked to remove their shoes inside the private home, so bring your best sock game!

Livestream tickets are $10 for the general public, or free for Untapped New York Insiders. In-person tickets can be purchased here. All sales final.

The Lit Salon is produced by Maison Brooklyn, with special partners Untapped New York, Aerangis, Ode a La Rose, and Fort Hamilton Distillery.

About the Speakers

At over one hundred years old, Mildred looks twenty years younger, has all her marbles, works out at the gym, is a card shark playing bridge, canasta, pam, and a whiz at mahjong. She’s an expert at managing her financial portfolio –she does puts and options. She doesn’t miss a Happy Hour and sits in the middle of the bar so she can schmooze with everyone. Oh, and she still drives and drives better than her friends who are decades younger.

Gayle is the creator of several reality shows and has gained acclaim for her film “LOOK AT US NOW, MOTHER!” which chronicles her journey to forgive her mother and transform their relationship. The film premiered on Netflix and has had a global impact. Her TEDX talk “NO MORE DRAMA WITH MAMA” focuses on forgiveness. Another notable film, “A DOG’S LIFE: A DOGAMENTARY,” premiered on HBO, portraying the heartwarming bond between dogs and humans through her own experiences with her Shih Tzu. Gayle’s writings have been published in many outlets including The Huffington Post, Parade, Shondaland, The Ethel (AARP), and the LA Times. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally and are in many private collections. Kirschenbaum’s work has been featured in prominent media outlets including The New York Times and NBC’s
Today Show.

Michelle Young is the author of Secret BrooklynSecret New York: Hidden Bars & RestaurantsBroadway, and the forthcoming narrative non-fiction book, The Art Spy, to be published by HarperOne, an imprint of Harper Collins. The Art Spy was Publisher’s Weekly Deal of the Week in August 2022. Michelle is also the founder of Untapped New York,, a Professor of Architecture at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, and a scholar in the New York Public Library’s Allen Room. Michelle’s writing and photography have been published in The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Hyperallergic, The Forward, Business Insider, Curbed, Metropolis Magazine and more. She was featured on the History Channel production The Engineering That Built the World, Netflix’s Stay Here, Smithsonian Channel’s Searching for Secrets, PBS’ 10 That Changed America, National Geographic’s Strange Truths, and Tell Me Something I Don’t Know with Stephen Dubner.

Attendees will receive a link to join the webinar after completing the registration.

Ready to join this webinar?
Ready to join this webinar?
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