New York Bars at Dawn Photo Talk with Daniel Root

New York Bars at Dawn Photo Talk with Daniel Root

All photos by Daniel Root

Go on an after-hours photographic tour of New York City’s most iconic, quirky, and beautiful bars as you get a sneak peek into the new book, New York Bars at Dawn, with photographer Daniel Root!

  • Hear Dan’s behind-the-scenes stories from walking the streets of NYC with his camera between 4am and 7am
  • See photos captured from over 5 years of Dan’s daily pre-dawn walks, now collected in his first book, New York Bars at Dawn, publishing on October 31st
  • Learn about the history and unique features of notable NYC bars, from historic watering holes like Fraunces Tavern and McSorley’s Old Ale House, to literary haunts like Old Town Bar, and pivotal LGBT bars like Stonewall Inn, and many more
  • Discover little-known bars tucked away in lower Manhattan

About the event:

For years, Daniel Root started each day before sunrise to wander the streets of Manhattan with his camera, focusing on scenes glimpsed from the street and through the windows or doors of bars once they closed for the night. The collection of atmospheric bar portraits in New York Bars at Dawn (Abbeville Press, Oct. 31st) reveals a seldom-seen side of New York City’s legendary bar scene.

New York Bars at Dawn features photographs of over 150 diverse watering holes including, centuries-old icons, bars with a literary history, upscale restaurant bars, historic gay rights bars, sports bars, commuter bars, and dive bars. Dan’s photographs capture the essence of these places without the distraction of people, giving us the unique opportunity to soak up the atmosphere and take in details we might ordinarily miss.

In this live, virtual talk, Dan will chat about his experience as a photographer and discoveries he made while walking the streets of New York City in the early hours of the morning. He will also reflect on the importance of creating a daily ritual and its impact on the artistic process, insights into how to see your surroundings through a new lens, and how to develop the ability to see beyond a crowded space and find that magical moment or viewpoint.

About Daniel Root

Daniel Root is a fine art photographer and a principal in the design and photography firm The Root Group. His predawn photographs of Manhattan have attracted a devoted following among bartenders and other night shift workers, and have been featured on NY1. He lives on the Lower East Side and is a very early riser. Explore six years and counting of daily photos @danielrootphotography!

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Ready to join this webinar?
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