Pan Am Museum Tour at the Cradle of Aviation

Photos Courtesy of the Pan Am Museum

Experience the legacy of the world’s most iconic airline, Pan American World Airways, inside the Cradle of Aviation on Long Island!

  • Gain exclusive access to the museum during off-hours!
  • See a 1:400 scale model of Pan Am’s terminal at JFK circa 1980, the iconic saucer shaped facility named the Worldport
  •  Follow a 20-foot pictorial Timeline exhibit that details Pan Am’s historical highlights over the past 64 years 
  • View artifacts dating back to the 1930s, including a program of events for the inauguration of the China Clipper and various souvenirs from the era
  • Examine a large cutaway model of the Boeing 314 that was first displayed during the New York World’s Fair in 1939 accompanied by a bench from Pan Am’s original terminal at LGA, The Marine Air Terminal
  • This event will be both in-person and simultaneously live streamed!

About the event:

The Pan Am Museum is a special place where the history of the pioneering airline and the people that built commercial aviation as we know it is brought to life through artifacts and exhibits. Our museum is a chronological walk through Pan Am’s 64 year history, with exhibits from each of the airline’s eras, beginning with photos and descriptions of early land planes to our famed flying boats, through World War II, to post war prop liners, particularly our Stratocruiser, to the jet age with the 707, and finally to our 747 exhibit now in progress. There are small artifact exhibits in between.

Opened in 2016, the Pan Am Museum’s mission statement, “to educate, celebrate, and inspire present and future generations by preserving historical and diverse personal stories of Pan American World Airways,” shows its commitment to preservation, inclusivity, education, and equity. 

Though the six-decade history of the airline is best remembered for its numerous technical advancements in aviation history and standards for luxury air travel, it is the rich personal stories of Pan Am and on-going outreach that resonate and inspire. PAMF’s focus is not only on the stories of pilots and flight attendants, but of ground crews, the world-wide station operations and the service industry which supported the airline—often breaking racial and gender barriers in the workplace to advance civil rights in the hiring of both domestic and international personnel and in risk taking to work covertly with the United States government, carrying out American foreign policy decisions in times of global upheaval and terrorism.

About Linda Freire

Linda Freire is the Board Chair, Co-Founder and Museum Director of the Pan Am Museum Foundation. Her long career in the airline industry started when she was a flight attendant for Pan Am in the 1980s. Since then, she has worked as a Manager Personnel, Asst. at JFK and a Base Manager Inflight Services and Regional Director of Hospitality Services for Delta Airlines.

Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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