Tea Tasting at Sorate Teahouse with Founder Silvia Mella

Photos Couretsy of Sorate Teahouse

Join Sorate Teahouse founder Silvia Mella for an intimate tea tasting!

  • Relax in the tranquil atmosphere of a Japanese teahouse in the heart of SoHo
  • Uncover the blended Italian and Japanese meaning behind “Sorate” and see how the two cultures come together to create a unique experience
  • Learn about the benefits and rituals of Japanese tea
  • Sample a variety of teas

About the event:

Sorate was founded in 2020 by Italian-born Silvia Mella. The company is driven by the belief that long-lasting health and wellness could be as simple as a cup of tea.

At this special founder led tasting, Insiders will enjoy your choice of three of the following selections: Gyokuro Superior, Gyokuro Karigane, Sencha Fukamushi, Sencha Karigane, Genmaicha, Genmaicha, Matcha-iri and Hojicha.

About Silvia Mella

Silvia Mella haS always been fascinated by the profound impact of plant-based medicine on one’s well-being, drawing inspiration from both Western and Eastern medicinal practices. Her journey led her to the enchanting world of Japanese green tea, a centuries-old elixir known for its unparalleled nutritional benefits. Armed with a deep passion for holistic health, Silvia embarked on a mission to bring the ancient wisdom of green tea to the modern world.

Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
Ready to join this event?
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