Underground Tour of the NYC Subway!

Underground Tour of the NYC Subway

Take a ride through the living history of the world’s largest rapid transit system (in area) by weaving in and out of the past, present and future transit hubs of lower Manhattan. Join Untapped Cities’ tour guide Justin Rivers as he gives an exploratory history of the subway, from its groundbreaking in 1900 to the soon-to-open Second Avenue subway line. Examine the nearly abandoned “Grand Central” of lower Manhattan, now practically left in ruin, explore the secrets inside the Santiago Calatrava-designed World Trade Center Transportation Hub and oculus, then take an in-depth look at the art and architecture of the Fulton Center hub. Finally, follow the tour into the future, with a visit led by the docents of the Lowline Lab to learn about the location and technology that will create the world’s first underground park.

Underground Tour of the NYC Subway

Below are some photographic highlights of what you will see on this tour:

1-World Trade Center Transportation Hub-Oculus-Opening-NYC-2World Trade Center Transportation Hub by Santiago Calatrava

Fulton Street Station-Oculus-Sky Reflector-Net-Subway Tour- Past, Present and Future of the NYC SubwayNYC-Untapped Cities_1Sky Reflector Net in Fulton Center

1-Subway Tour- Past, Present and Future of the NYC Subway-Untapped Cities-Fulton Street Mural-Hotel McAlpinjpgThe story behind the art in the Fulton Street station

An abandoned subway platform

3-Subway Tour-NYC-Untapped Cities_2Remnants of the original subway lines

Past, Present and Future of the NYC Subway-NYC-Tour-Untapped Cities-Chambers Street

Chambers Street Municipal Building-Subway Entrance-Guastavino Tiling-NYC

Underground Tour of the NYC Subway

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