IN PICTURES: Freshkills Park on Staten Island

On June 27th, Untapped New York took the Freshkills Tour run by the New York City Dept of Parks and Recreation. Construction has only recently begun but we got a glimpse of the site’s potential by traversing the topography below expansive skies. Overall, I was struck by the gravity of the debate between the retroactive masking of human excess and a binary apprehension of pragmatism/optimism regarding the reappropriation of public space from once foundering land. Architect Bruce Sparano kindly provided us with the counterposition on Freshkills, written by his colleague John May, a geographer and architect, in the July 2008 edition of Verb Crisis. Though beautiful and well-written, addressing the complicity of an architecture without social purpose, the cynic in me thirsted for yet even more evidence.

How to Visit: By tour only by the Department of Parks and Recreation, sign up and meet here.

Top Photo: view from mound one. Bottom photo, clockwise from top left: vegetation on mound one, mound three being capped with impermeable seal, view from mound two, methane collection pump.  

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