On Monday an all new design for Untapped Cities will be unveiled. What are some topics or places you’d like to see “Untapped” in the coming months? We’ll pick two of our favorite answers and send the winners a set of Downtown Doodler embossed postcards of New York City and San Francisco.


  1. kala says:

    I would love for Untapped Cities to have a website compatible with mobiles!

    • michelle young says:

      Kala, we do have one, but just for iPhone and iPad currently. Android coming soon. What are you using?

      • kala says:

        I’m on iPhone but I really don’t know how to get it. I usually open Safari and type the URL and get the normal web version, is there anything specific to do to access the mobile version?

        • michelle young says:

          Hi Kala, it should load automatically when you go to an untapped cities URL, unless you have chose the desktop version at some point. If you delete all your cookies and history, it may work again.

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