Map of all the Banksy locations in his residency “Better Out Than In”

We followed  every day of his residency “Better Out Than In” in NYC, so we figured we would put together all of his pieces into one article, along with a map of locations. Without further ado, all 31 days for you to take in, marvel, judge, and do with what you will.

Day 1: The Street Is In Play

Image via Banksy’s Instagram.

The first of Banksy’s month-long show, “The Street is in Play” is located on Allen Street, between Hester and Canal, featuring his signature stencil style and the sign “Graffiti is a crime.”

Day 2: This is My New York Accent…normally I write like this

This-Is-My-New-York-Accent_Banksy_New-York-City_Untapped CitiesImage via Banksy’s website

“This is My New York Accent” is located on West 25th Street, between 10th and 11th Avenues but has been severely graffitied over since then.

Day 3: Dog Peeing on Fire Hydrant in “You Complete Me”

Image via Banksy’s Instagram.

You Complete Me” can be found between 6th Avenue and 24th Street.

Day 4: OCCUPY! The Musical

by Instagrammer 495josue

Occupy! The Musical” was located in Bushwick, Brooklyn before it was taken down. There were two other “The Musical” locations: Dirty Underwear and Playground Mob. Al three were found pieces of graffiti, onto which Banksy added “The Musical” to.

Day 5: 3-D Mobile Waterfall on Inside of Truck Touring Daily

“Mobile Waterfall.” Image by Instagrammer bobcooley.

Mobile Waterfall” was constructed in the interior of a truck, and it toured all through Banksy’s residency in New York.

Day 6: Rebel Rocket Attack

On Day 6, Banksy didn’t post any photos, instead uploading a video titled “Rebel Rocket Attack” on his YouTube channel.

Day 7: Battle to Survive a Broken Heart in Brooklyn

Image via BanksyNY.

Battle to Survive a Broken Heart,” located between King Street and Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, was defaced by a rival street artist by the name of Omar.

Day 8: Fake Plato Quote in Greenpoint 

Image via streetartnews.

Banksy’s fake”Plato” quote was on a blue door in Greenpoint before it was removed.

Day 9: Night Vision Horses on Truck and Car in the Lower East Side

Painted onto a car and truck on Ludlow Street between Stanton and Rivington Streets, “Night Vision Horses” depicts a shootout between armed men and horses.

Day 10: Beaver with Downed No Parking Sign in East New York

Images via BanksyNY.com

Banksy goes for the whimsical with this downed No Parking Anytime sign and a little beaver in East New York


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