Yesterday we rounded up Boardwalk Empire‘s filming locations in Brooklyn, where much of the series has been filmed. Today we’re showing you some of the places in Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island that served as the backdrop for the show’s action.

John’s of 12th Street in Manhattan

john's-film locations-boardwalk empire-east village-nycAn episode of the Sopranos was also shot here according to Off the Grid. Image source: EV Grieve

According to the New York Post, this East Village restaurant was Joe the Boss and Lucky’s meeting place in the 7th episode of the current season. It was also turned into Whiting’s Pharmacy for a day this June. Aside from serving as the set of Boardwalk Empire, John’s of 12th Street is a popular Italian Restaurant. It converted its top floors into a speakeasy during Prohibition, serving alcohol in espresso cups. Patrons are said to have included some of the characters depicted on Boardwalk Empire. In fact, the restaurant attracted a lot of mob types. Perhaps it was the appeal of the original tile floors (which remain intact today) or the immense wax candelabra at the back of the restaurant. 

Sylvan Terrace in Manhattan

Morris Jumel Terrace-NYC-Washington Heights

A block in Washington Heights was turned into the street, affectionately termed “whore row,” where Nucky Thompson moves his mistress in the early days of the show. The street connects St. Nicholas Avenue and Jumel Terrace and to the Morris-Jumel Mansion. George Washington and Aaron Burr both famously lived at the Morris-Jumel Mansion for a time, the oldest house in Manhattan. Though the homes on Sylvan Terrace were originally built for the servants of the mansion, the street had the reputation of housing brothels. After being made a historic district in 1970, the crumbling street was renovated at no cost to the owners.

The National Arts Club in Manhattan

National Arts Club-Gramercy Park-Boardwalk Empire Film Location-NYC

On Gramercy Park next to The Players Club is another period-era private club, The National Arts Club, where interior scenes were filmed. Business Insider reported in June that actors, including James Cromwell who plays Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon were spotted entering the premises in period getup.

Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan

Park Avenue Armory-Veterans Room-Boardwalk Empire Film Location-NYCImage via Park Avenue Armory collection

The Veterans Room of the Park Avenue Armory was used as the interior of Commodore’s house in the first two seasons.

Poppenhusen Institute in Queens

poppenhusen institute-film locations-boardwalk empireConrad Poppenhusen’s ghost is rumored to roam the attic of the institute. 

The Women’s Temperance League meeting place (covered in a previous film locations post) has resided in College Point, Queens since 1868.  The Poppenhusen Institute was commissioned by Conrad Poppenhusen to be a resource to all of the community, which was comprised mostly of his workers, regardless of race or religion. Thus, the building’s functions have ranged from housing criminals to the first free kindergarten classes in the US, and continue to be diverse. A Mundell & Techkritz design, the building is home to two particularly large works of art: Friedrich Spangenberg’s “The Triumph of the American Union” and Hermon Atkins MacNeil’s sculpture “Coming of the White Man.” Its position on the National Register of Historic Places has not saved the center from falling on hard times; it is always accepting donations to keep community programs running.

The Rockaway Boardwalk

Rockaway Boardwalk-Boardwalk Empire-Facade-Film LocationsImage via Rockawave

In  July, Rockawave reported on two building facades that rose out of the sand on the Rockaway boardwalk. Using a portion of the boardwalk that had not been damaged by Hurricane Sandy, this served as the entrance to the Onyx nightclub with the assistance of a lighted sign, blue screens and digital effects. In the season four finale, you’ll see a  vertical pan from top to bottom of the facade as guests frantically hurry out of the Onyx after the shooting of Maybelle. Here’s an HBO special on the making of the interior sets (elsewhere).

Yonkers Train Station

The Yonkers Train Station, built by the same architects as Grand Central Terminal, has served as a location for multiple episodes over the last few seasons. The Alexander Street jail in Yonkers, now decommissioned, has also been used as a set for the current season.

387 St. Paul’s Avenue, Stapleton, Staten Island

387 St. Paul's Avenue-film locations-boardwalk empire-stapleton-staten islandImage source: Real Estate SINY

This 24-room mansion is part of the Stapleton Heights Historic District, where houses span the gamut as far as style goes. The Queen Anne Victorian style home, built in 1887 and designed by architect Hugo Kafka, stands unique among Second Empire, Colonial Revival, and Craftsman style houses. A wedding gift from brewery nabob Henry Bechtel to his daughter Anna, the house was for the most part stripped of its furnishings and filled with the show’s own pieces. The homeowners recounted their experience with the show to Staten Island Live, revealing that their living room was turned into a dining room for the shoot.

This summer the show also transformed other sections of Stapleton into a prohibition-era neighborhood.

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