Spread across the five boroughs of New York City, the Fire Alarm Telegraph Stations stand in City parks as reminders of the City’s efforts decades ago to improve the efficiency of its fire fighting system. They are architecturally distinctive buildings set in bucolic park settings, with minimal signage to indicate their purpose. (more…)

10 Repurposed Theaters in NYC

04/19/2016 at 9:00 am

nuyorican poets cafe-front-east village-nyc-untapped citiesPhoto via RE:Birth of the Cool

You have no idea how many times this native has planned to see a show, enters the building, and then leaves curious about how the owner repurposed the space for art.  It’s easy to miss if you find yourself outside of the amazing theatre district during the day. However, if you are a theatre lover, especially of Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, performance art, and/or avant garde, then we have a fun and artistic scavenger hunt for you. We present the many repurposed theaters in New York City. Happy hunting! (more…)

Bayonne Bridge-New Jersey-Staten Island-Steel Arch-Longest Bridge in the World-NYC

Though not one of New York City’s most famous bridges, the Bayonne Bridge was a record breaking bridge – longer than the Sydney Harbour Bridge – and changes are en route for this connection that stretches between Staten Island and Bayonne, New Jersey. With help from Bridge Man, Dave Frieder, here are 10 secrets of the Bayonne Bridge:

Fort-Victoria-New York City-Untapped Cities-Dan ThurberSS Willochra, later the RMS Fort Victoria. Image via Wikipemedia Commons

On October 26, 1930 this headline burst from the pages of the New York Herald-Tribune: “Sunken Fort Victoria, Menace to Navigation, is Blasted Downward Into Floor of Bay.” In a word: WHAT?!

The “Fort Victoria” in question was a ship (which makes the headline only marginally less amusing), a passenger steamer that began life in 1912 as the SS Willochra owned by the Adelaide Steamship Co., of New Zealand. By 1929, after changing hands, it was known as the SS Fort Victoria and was being used to carry tourists between New York City and Hamilton, Bermuda.


Staten Island Farm Colony-Landmark Colony-New York Farm Colony-Richmond County Poor Farm-Staten Island-NYCEDC-NYC-Untapped Cities-004

On our latest Behind the Scenes NYC Tour with the NYCEDC this weekend, we took readers inside the urban exploration favorite Staten Island Farm Colony. This 46-acre site has been vacant for nearly forty years, but is currently undergoing redevelopment into a multi-use complex with age-restricted senior housing, affordable housing, and publicly accessible open space. The tour was led by Nate Gray, Vice President of Planning at NYCEDC and Lavinia Nannini, the architect from Vengoechea+ Boyland Architecture who designed the new project, which will be called the Landmark Colony. We walked along the old roads, around the ruins, and explored inside buildings.


Sea View Hospital-Abandoned Tunnels Buildings-Staten Island-NYC-014

In our visits to the many abandoned hospitals in New York City and the region, we’ve seen the range from fully abandoned to repurposed – some are even converted into parks like Kings Park Psychiatric Hospital or Letchworth Village. Some of the most fascinating are the ones that are in between – where new buildings sit side by side with cordoned-off abandoned buildings, or abandoned rooms and tunnels remain within actively used buildings. Sea View Hospital on Staten Island, run by the city of New York, is one of those.