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When I heard that my friend had seen the band Blonde Redhead perform at the Andrew Roth Gallery, my brain sort of exploded with awesomeness. My band had rocked to Blonde Redhead religiously while on our tours so I thought a Kittens Ablaze/Blond Redhead interview mashup may be in order. The Redheads are currently on an international tour for their new album and will be at Terminal 5 in NYC on May 8th. Tickets go on sale today at noon and Interpol will be the headliner. All benefits will go to Safety Net, an organization that benefits New York’s creative yet uninsured population. Free pair of fuzzy socks at the show!

Tim: What is your favorite NYC venue(s) to play?
Kazu Makino : I used to love playing at Bowery ballroom. I now like Webster hall for playing and watching other acts.

Tim: Fifteen years after your first album, what inspires you to make music  that didn’t inspire you before, and what inspired you then that no
longer does now?
Kazu: Well, we don’t really know how long we have been active so I rather not quote numbers. I think we started being full time band around ’98? I think just writing songs, recording and touring / the very act of being musician inspires me. I love working on artwork too.

Michelle: What are your favorite places to go out to in NYC?
Kazu: For coffee I love bluebird, for lunch and tea i love cha an, sobaya, neu gallery . For dinner basta pasta, sobakoh, bacaro, souen and cocoron are my favorites. I turn up at Bowery hotel for a glass occasionally because they allow dogs. I also love the tearoom of tamarind but a bit pricy for me.

Jenny: What is your songwriting process is like–does one person orchestrate ahead of time or does it comes about more organically?
Kazu: Amedeo initiates and I often dive in because I like or dislike it. ‘no no not like that, it should be like this. Can you leave me alone with this thing?’ and so it goes.  Sometimes I am utterly disinterested and he finishes it all on his own. Usually comes up with the best tunes like ‘spring by summer falls’ and ‘will there be stars’ so I don’t feel bad about not getting involved.

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