I love this market. It’s literally a collage of time, architecture and nomenclature. The stone gates are from an earlier market in that location, built in 1854 after  the Haussmannization of Paris necessitated the demolition of an earlier market located there–the  Marché Saint-Laurent, to make room for Boulevard Strasbourg. But a modern building was constructed around it, with the stone gates retained. Even the modern building is a mix of styles: metal vents, doric columns, and glass on the first floor and a hybrid Parisian style on the upper floors.  Some of the gates have glass doors.

Located in the 10th arrondisement, even the history of the name is interesting. Prior to the Marché Saint-Laurent, there was another market in the same location called the  Marché Saint-Quentin. A new market was built by a saving and loans company, who made an agreement with the local prefecture to create a market. It was known as the Marché  Chateau d’Eau Saint-Martin, a combination of the name of the street (Chateau d’Eau) and Saint-Martin, the name of another market that was once located at the intersection of rue de Conté, rue de Vaucanson, rue Ferdinand-Berthoud et Montgolfier. The market was also referred to as the  marché de la Porte Saint-Martin.

It also apparently has a great beer selection. According to a commenter at ratebeer.com, “At the back of the market is a small German store carrying all things German – including 3 or 4 dozen different German beers! This is quite a rarity in Paris, to find such a variety of German brews, at affordable prices. The one chap that runs it seemed quite busy, so customer service may not be the name of the game here. Also, it’s very important to have your expectations in check with this place–it carries only German beers, and what seemed to me were relatively obscure ones. Worth a look if you live in the city and need something aside from a French microbrew.”

The Marché Couvert Saint Martin is  located at 31/33 rue Chateau d’Eau. It is open Tuesday to Saturday 8:30 am t0 1/ 1:30pm, and 4:00 pm to 7pm /7:30pm. Sundays 8:30pm to 1pm.

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