So if you’re asking yourself where do all the cool kids hang out in Paris, away  from all the tourist hordes? In and around Canal St Martin of course! Perched  on top of the Canal Saint Martin lies a Berlin-esque beer garden, restaurant  and art space called Point Ephémère. From the outside it just looks like a  street artists haven, with some chairs strewn about with a few broken bottles  amidst garbage bins. Once you get closer you realize it’s a unique space with  art installations and regular programme of events as well as bar/restaurant. It’s not something you would expect to find in Paris nestled along the Canal next to a  fire station but it’s certainly a nice surprise.

And since it’s Europe, expect the drinking to spill out onto the banks of the quay. Music is central to the space and the organization proclaims that “from the very beginning Point Ephémère has set rigorous musical standards as the guiding principle of its programming.” The 300-person concert venue has hosted the likes of Gang Gang Dance, Band of Horses and Love is All, and program the space around the “themes of discovery, adventurousness, event-concerts and clubbing.”

Check out their website for upcoming events. The bar/restaurant is open from 12pm to 2am Monday to Saturday and on Sundays from 1pm to 9pm.

Point Ephémère
200 quai de Valmy
75010 Paris
Metro: Louis Blanc/Jaures