One of the most enjoyable things about living in the city of San Francisco is how visually dynamic it is. There is simply art everywhere, but not in a way that inundates you. The most interesting pieces are hidden away in nooks and crannies, and many people often overlook the “candy”  placed in prominent locations.  ART on STREETS highlights this city’s art through the lens of a “Polaroid”  camera (except it’s an app on the phone).

When I came across this truck I let out a little giggle. I mean, it’s a little farm in the bed of a truck, who wouldn’t stop to gawk and giggle? The reason this was so enjoyable to me, quite frankly, was that I was having a really strange and challenging day. I had decided to go on a long walk to clear my head, and that’s how I came across it, the perfect thing to help me change my view. While I was taking in the scene (checking out the strawberries and other plants in the bed of the truck), I noticed that people-complete strangers-were stopping to chat with each other. It seemed everyone needed that nice moment in the Mission on 18th  Street, and I was happy to witness it.