Since 2003, Openhousenewyork (OHNY) has facilitated free-access to architectural gems throughout the city. The Green-Wood cemetary, located on 25th Street and 5th Avenue in Brooklyn, is no exception. For the first time in the cemetary’s history, visitors were allowed to enter select tombs, the Historic Chapel and catacombs this past weekend. With the assistance of knowledgeable tour guides, guests were able to understand the history to be uncovered within the national landmark.

Gravestone in Green-Wood Cemetery

The Historical Chapel

Prominent Statue Outside of a Mausolea

View of the Endless Rows of Tombstones

Green-Wood cemetery is visited by an estimated half a million locals and tourists a year. The grounds offer astounding views of the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline and the New York Harbor. The vast 478 acres is the home to 560,000 deceased who include Civil War veterans, Leonard Bernstein, Boss Tweed, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Samuel Morse. Many visit the cemetery to admire the above-ground burials in the catacombs. The catacombs consist of 30 vaults. And, in many cases, one family owns each vault.

Morgan Family Catacomb

Tour attendee admiring the catacombs

The Hicks Catacomb

The Green-Wood Historic Fund facilitates the preservation of the ground. The organization aims to advance public knowledge of the cemetery’s historic and cultural spaces. With its unique history in a verdant setting, the Green-Wood cemetery is worth a future visit. While there also visit nearby Sunset Park for some incredible hidden food and cultural gems.