One of the most enjoyable things about living in the city of San Francisco is how visually dynamic it is. There is simply art everywhere, but not in a way that inundates you. The most interesting pieces are hidden away in nooks and crannies, and many people often overlook the “candy”  placed in prominent locations.  ART on STREETS highlights this city’s art through the lens of a “Polaroid” camera (except it’s an app on the phone).

The San Francisco Symphony’s Davies Hall is in its own right nice to look at, but right now, possibly in the spirit of the Day of the Dead, there are skulls on the floor-to-ceiling windows! The SF Symphony and Davies Symphony Hall are in the Civic Center area of downtown, across the street from City Hall on Van Ness at Grove. Sculpture is more often featured in this part of town, so seeing some large-scale flat work was fun to come across. If you look closely at the photos, you’ll see a heart next to the skulls. When I came across this, the skulls made me smile and the heart made me think. Take some time this week to see this artwork and note what the heart is composed of.  What have you come across lately in the city that made you ponder?