Looking for a glimpse of Colonial America this Thanksgiving? In Old Bethpage, Long Island, one need not go far to time travel. The Old Bethpage Village Restoration re-creates the colonial era through costume, trade and surroundings. All members of the public are invited to witness history as volunteers step into the roles of teachers, blacksmith, farmers and colorful mid 19th century characters.

In 1963, Nassau County acquired the Powell Property for the Old Bethpage Restoration. Although Bethpage is not a historic entity, it is intended to be a representative of the Long Island farm in the mid-19th century. Every year, the establishment hosts a Long Island Fair which draws thousands of locals. The volunteers participate in the fair and lend to the restoration’s authenticity. Untapped Cities photographer, Chuck Lau said, “The Bethpage Restoration has many subtle charms. It is a unique reflection of colonial history maintained within the suburban backdrop of Long Island.”

The Bethpage Restoration allows visitors to peek into history in action and hopefully remember the humble roots of our nation.

The Village remains open from spring through the December. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit before the end of the year. For more information regarding admission fees and site information, visit here.

Symbolic flag of an era

A mother explains life on the farm

Lazy pigs enjoying the scenery

Mid-1880s earthenware

A mother prepares food for her family

A farm hand poses for the camera

From the inside looking out of a farmhouse

Bucolic Scenery Under a Blue Sky

A view of a historic pre-Civil War home

A farm hand whittles wood