If you follow me on Instagram (@justthegritty, of course), you would know that one of my favorite activities is taking my pup for long walks through the city (generally in my own neighborhood) and taking iPhoto after iPhoto. I live somewhere between the Mission and Potrero Hill, and I love this part of the city. It’s quiet, there are more and more fabulous restaurants (think Flour + Water, Universal Café , etc.) and, as always in SF, amazing color and architecture. Some of the overlooked gems, however, are the vehicles sprinkled throughout. I’ve come across some stellar muscle cars, custom paint jobs, restored vintage beasts, more than a couple of vans I don’t want to see the inside of, and trucks covered in amazing art.

My dog has learned to tolerate me and my iPhone…she sits ever so patiently on the curb as I lay in gutters and half-climb trees to get the right angle. She probably thinks she’s walking me; to be perfectly honest I could probably use a leash. I’ve even crawled under someone’s car so that I could get the perfect shot. Heh.

This iPhoneography series is a collection of a few of the Mission wheels I’ve come across in the last six months or so. If you’re interested in more Mission District iPhoneography, check out my hashtag #themish on Instagram, and even add a few of your own.

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