With no sun and no Manhattanhenge this past May, some photographers became a bit antsy last night when some clouds settled along the horizon before this much-awaited sunset.

As for myself, I managed to secure a spot on the Tudor City bridge above 42nd Street three hours before the sunset, but I definitely was not alone when I arrived there — some professional photographers had set up their gear at noon!

It was a tangle of tripods and photographers on the bridge’s sidewalk. Some seasoned veterans, who already knew of the struggle to get a clear view on the bridge, brought ladders to just avoid that problem altogether. As for photographers on the streets, several formed a line along the median or darted back and forth onto the street, much to the displeasure of passing cars and police who released a cacophony of beeping and sirens.

However, when the sun began to peek out behind the skyline, everyone let out some “oohs” and “aahs” and then commenced to furiously take photos.

If you still have not had the chance to catch sight of this fleeting phenomenon, the half-sun will appear on the horizon tonight at 8:25 p.m.

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