I’ll have what she’s having

I went to a party at Littlefield Art Space in Brooklyn this past Saturday and spent a significant amount of time admiring this dapper androgyne from afar. There were scads of interestingly-dressed people wandering around, dancing, and generally looking flawless, but this one in particular caught my eye. The casual, old-fashioned simplicity of each element in the outfit was really appealing, and to be honest I think it’s difficult to pull off suspenders without looking like a trendy idiot. No danger of that here. Pointing out clothing choices is obviously my main objective with this column, but the thing that did most of the work in pulling all these physical components together was this dandy’s attitude of casual confidence.  Also, afrohawks are dead cool.

At the bar, there was amongst other things a Billie Holiday-inspired drink called Stormy Weather, which was a  variant of the classic Dark & Stormy with added lemon and vermouth. It was pretty delicious.

(media: ink & watercolor on cold-press paper.)

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