Untapped Cities is proud to present our new bi-weekly column (Art)chitecture by Charlotte Vallance. Charlotte is an illustrator and printmaker, sometimes at the same time, sometimes separately! She loves traveling, bunting and elevenses. Charlotte spends one weekend a month in Amsterdam and is always interested to try new things and meet new people. She find buildings fascinating, and her column will be dedicated to showing you the quirky and interesting buildings she comes across in London, Amsterdam and wherever else her travels take her.


There are these amazing little streets in London, tucked away from the main busy roads.  This particular one is near Kings Cross, it’s the sweetest ‘D’ shaped street that just sweeps you past these terraced houses.  I’d love to live on a street with such character just in its shape.  My illustration shows just the inner side of the ‘D’.  Opposite is another row of terraced houses just as lovely, looking back at these.

Get in touch with the author @charlsvallance and check out her blog. Check back every other Wednesday for the next installation of (Art)chitecture by Charlotte Vallance.
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