2. Pantheon/New York State Supreme Courthouse (New York County), Federal Hall, Low Library, and Gould Library

The Pantheon, in Rome, was built in the year 126 by Emperor Hadrian, replacing an earlier version built by Marcus Agrippa that had burned down. It was built as a temple to the pantheon of all of the gods. In the year 609, it was converted into a Catholic church, which ensured its preservation.

The exterior of the Pantheon served as the inspiration for the New York State Supreme Courthouse, (New York County Court) 60 Centre Street, Low Library at Columbia University, and Gould Library at NYU’s former Bronx campus, and the interior of the Pantheon served as the inspiration for the current Federal Hall at 26 Wall Street.

Federal Hall was the site of George Washington’s inauguration.

The Library was honored with a stamp in 1981Designed by Stanford White at the centerpiece of his Bronx NYU campus, the former library is now part of Bronx Community College’s Campus.

In addition to the Pantheon, McKim was inspired by White’s Gould Memorial Library