I’ve enjoyed walking along side the canals in Amsterdam every time that I’m there.  But it was just this last visit that we hired out a boat and took to the canals and saw Amsterdam from a watery perspective.  If you’re going, I highly recommend it!  It was refreshing to view all the buildings from this point and I felt like I could really observe without being in the way.

Of course, there is also a better view to look at the house boats, of which there are a fair few.  They range from a ‘I’m just quietly chilling here, similar to a bungalow’ style, small house boat, right to the ‘I’m barely a boat anymore, but still on the water’ style, massive house boat.  A lot of these houses are quite private from the road, but in the water you can see right in and admire the layout and decor on show.

This house boat was one of my favourites that we passed, so many plants and a nice big deck area to enjoy the sun and water.

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