A few weeks ago we introduced you to Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn  which contains the remnants of actual dead horses and a plethora of vintage garbage from over a hundred years ago. The landscape, dotted with bottles, creepy toys, household nicknacks, decaying boats and even (reportedly), old hand guns, is a treasure chest for antique collectors and urban explorers. In this video, provided to us by Group 11, and excerpted for use on Untapped New York, one of those collectors tells us a little more about Dead Horse Bay and what he’s finding.

We’re always interested in history, so it’s kind of like peeling back the past. It’s all here. Just that you can unearth somebody’s else’s garbage and try to explain a story with it…it’s fun and interesting….It’s nice to know what might have happened 50, 60 years before I was even born. I think this is one of the last few untouched areas of Brooklyn.”

Photo courtesy Diana Huang

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