Paris guidebooks are easy to come by, so opportunities to trod off-the-beaten tracks in the City of Light shouldn’t be missed. Paris Face Cachée invites Parisians and visitors alike to flirt with the forbidden, encounter the unknown and unearth the original facets of Paris.

Last year’s Paris Face Cachée led 10,000 people into 60 amazing adventures all around the city. This year, 15,000 people will have an experience of a lifetime with 70 different events of choice in a span of 72 hours.

Scheduled activities include exploring the airport runways usually reserved for airport officials, visiting Paris’ central recycling area, accessing workshops where aircrafts are restored, or discovering the factory where they pump water from the Seine used to clean the streets and sewers of Paris. Visit a 100% Parisian artisanal beer laboratory in the 18th arrondissement, compete in a high-tech Urbangaming competition in Montmartre equipped with a tablet and a map, or take a historic walk tracing Paris’ criminal and mysterious past.

Families can also participate in certain events which give priority to those with children, such as culinary workshops and an afternoon dancing your worries away in a Parisian disco for 18 year olds and below.

Ticket prices range from 7-24€. Events take place in and around Paris and the Ile-de-France area. Not to worry though – all the proposed venues can be reached by public transport. The meeting places of each activity will only be unveiled after you book your tickets.

Although technically taking place during the first three days of February, registration opens only during two days in January, the 11th and 23rd. Places are limited, so stay glued to your screens on registration day and be quick. It would be a shame to miss out on seeing Paris like you’ve never seen it before.

Paris Face Cachée
February 1, 2 and 3 2013
Registration dates: January 11 and 23 2013